Rubik’s Cube Official Solve – 5.81 Seconds! – Henri Gerber [ABC 2018]

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Lastly acquired it, so completely happy!

U L2 D R’ L U2 B L U2 B D2 B2 U’ L2 B2 D’ L2 B2 D B2 U

y2 //inspection
D’ U’ R’ U’ R U R’ D’ y2 R’ F R //xcross
y’ U R’ U2 R L’ U L //F2L#2
U’ R’ U R U’ R U R’ //F2L#3
U R’ U R U2 R’ U R //F2L#4
U2 r’ R2 U R’ U R U2 R’ U M’ //OLL+PLL skip

45/5.81= 7.75 turns per second

view at: https://alg.cubing.internet/?setup=U_L2_D_R-_L_U2_B_L_U2_B_D2_B2_U-_L2_B2_D-_L2_B2_D_B2_U_&alg=y2_percent2Fpercent2Finspectionpercent0AD-_U-_R-_U-_R_U_R-_D-_y2_R-_F_R_percent2Fpercent2Fxcrosspercent0Ay-_U_R-_U2_R_L-_U_L_percent2Fpercent2FF2L%232%0AU-_R-_U_R_U-_R_U_R-_percent2Fpercent2FF2L%233%0AU_R-_U_R_U2_R-_U_R_percent2Fpercent2FF2L%234%0AU2_r-_R2_U_R-_U_R_U2_R-_U_M-_percent2Fpercent2FOLL%26%232bpercent3BPLL_skip

About 80th on the planet as of 19/11/2018.

Dice: Cosmic Valk 3M

Sponsored by Speedcubeshop!

Thanks for watching!


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