Algebra: Solving Linear Equations – Part 1: The Basics

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[NOTE: This video is only the first 18 minutes of the full lesson, please visit my website to purchase complete version] Lesson consists of offering you with a Self-Tutorial on the way to clear up linear equations. Tutor discusses what’s an Equation, Resolution, Resolution Set, Equal Equations, Id, Contradictions, Conditional Equations, Linear Equations, the Normal Type of a Linear Equation. I present you the way to truly SOLVE linear equations going step-by-step. I do not skip steps. I overview a few of the properties of Equality right here too. I remind you to examine the work carried out and the way to clear up linear equations utilizing a calculator. On the finish, you’ll know the way to simply clear up equations that seem like:

2[y – (4y – 1)] = 5 – 9y

No phrase issues are carried out right here. That is proven in DETAIL in Half 2 of the Lesson.


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